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From prevention to intervention to postvention

Our services

The Montreal Suicide Prevention Centre acts as much in prevention, intervention and postvention of suicide, via several 1st and 2nd line services that are adapted to various vulnerable populations.

1st line services—Emergency services:

First line phone and text-based intervention for people thinking of suicide, loved ones, bereaved and mental health professionals.

1 866 277-3553 535353

2nd line services:

  • Phone follow-up service for people at high risk of attempting suicide: follow-up within 24 to 36 hours following the initial call to ensure that the person is still safe and to offer other support services if necessary.
  • Bereavement service: intervention with people grieving a death by suicide to offer them help and support in their grief.
  • Postvention services to help organizations or businesses: Intervention following a suicide or attempted suicide in a workplace or community.
  • Development of a postvention plan for organizations or businesses to be proactive in suicide prevention in their environment.
  • More than 10 trainings, workshops or consulting services available to develop or improve your skills in suicide prevention
  • Various awareness workshops for caseworkers.

Partnership programs


A collaboration between addiction and suicide prevention services.

Together is a free help service for caregivers of people with an addiction, whether to psychoactive substances, gambling or video games and who pose a suicidal risk.