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Developing a postvention plan

Make your workplace proactive !

Many companies and organizations may want to implement a postvention plan to be prepared to mitigate the impacts of a suicide.  

What to do, whom to consult, what support to offer employees, how to respond? We have answers to these questions! 

The Montreal SPC can help you develop such a plan and give you the tools you need to be proactive in your suicide prevention efforts!

Postvention plan development services detail

Our intervention and training team work together to propose a plan that will meet your specific needs and reality. Here are the steps necessary to develop a postvention plan following your request: 

Annual updates can also be done at an additional cost.

Benefits of having a postvention plan 

Although we offer an emergency postvention service, having a postvention plan means being proactive! 

With a plan you will be able to act more quickly and effectively in the event of a suicide. 

You have a fire protocol so why not have a postvention plan? 


Creation of a postvention plan is one of the services provided by our training and consulting services at the Montreal SPC. Depending on the type of project n, we can work on an hourly basis or on a flat-rate basis. 

Price : $200-$250/hour

Preferential pricing for community groups : $150-$200/hour