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About the Montreal SPC

We’ve been helping Montrealers
find hope for 40 years.

Our services

The Suicide Prevention Centre of Montreal offers a range of services to people in suicidal distress, their loved ones and those who have experienced the suicide of a loved one or service user in the Montreal area. Our services also include training and support for mental health professionals, as well as numerous resources specifically developed for professionals and organizations affected by suicide.

The Montreal SPC is:

35,985interventions this year
8,760hours of crisis support per year
200trainings sessions per year
Mission and vision of the Suicide Prevention Centre of Montreal

Preventing suicide and its impacts


The mission of the Suicide Prevention Centre of Montreal (SPCM) is to prevent suicide and its impacts by ensuring access to quality services for individuals considering suicide, their families, and friends, and the mental health professionals who work with them. In addition, the SPCM relies on the commitment and development of skills of individuals and organizations in the community.


Our mandate is to prevent suicide in the greater Montreal area. This mandate is impossible without the collaboration if the SPCM with a multitude of organizations that offer services to the Montreal community for different issues (homelessness, substance use, intimate partner violence, etc.) in order to create services that are complementary with the existing ecosystem.

Vision of impact 2023–2026

Where will we be in 3 years…?

Through the quality and accessibility of its services, the Montreal SPC will have contributed to a decrease in the number of suicides in the Greater Montreal area.

In addition, the work accomplished by the Montreal CPS will have helped to break down the systemic taboos surrounding suicide and to raise public awareness of the issues involved.

The values of the Montreal SPC

protection of life
and listening

These three values give profound meaning to our daily work. They guide and inspire the accomplishment of our mission and allow us to ensure high quality services.

Montreal SPC donors

A strength for the organization

Donors and funders

Partners for the well-being of our volunteers and employees

Join them in saving lives in Montreal and give generously to the Montreal SPC.
Become a member of the Montreal SPC

Be part of
the change

Although the SPC of Montreal relies on its counsellors and volunteers, the organization needs its members to convey its mission, to spread the word, but most importantly to make known the needs and opinions of each individual in order to provide a service that is relevant to them and to the needs of everyone.

The Montreal SPC invites you to join its members in order to be part of the change and take concrete action on suicide prevention in your community!

The Montreal SPC team

Board of Directors



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