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A toolkit for caseworkers

We can support you in your role

You are
not alone.

Whether you work in health care, social services, or another field, we can help you find the best resources or the best approach for the people at risk for suicide whom you work with. 

We also are there for you if your work is causing you distress and you are having suicidal thoughts.

Our service is always available and is completely confidential.

1 866 277-3553 535353

Whoever you are, whatever your reasons for seeking help, we will take the necessary time to talk and help you!

Suicide Prevention Intervention Centre

Our services

The Montreal SPC acts  in prevention, intervention and postvention of suicide, through several 1st and 2nd line services. 

1st line services

  • First-line intervention by telephone and written means (chat and text messages) for people in suicidal distress, people bereaved by suicide or for social service workers who take care of people thinking about suicide.

2nd line services

  • For people thinking of suicide:
    • Follow-up services for people at high risk of attempting suicide (according to the intervention team’s evaluation)
    • For people who wish to help a loved one
    • Services for second parties 
  • For bereaved people:
    • Services for people grieving a suicide (individual or group support)
  • For mental health professionals:
  • For workplaces and communities:
  • Postvention services
  • Postvention preparedness

Other types of resources

We support you in your role

Supporting someone thinking about suicide can be difficult for many reasons. 

This person may also be living with other challenges, which can make the intervention more complex. We therefore offer a variety of resources to help you accompany the person through the process. Consult our directory of resources.

Support for your interventions

Did you know that we can also accompany you during your interventions? Yes, we can! If you must intervene with a suicidal or bereaved person and you don’t know where to start, contact us! We can guide and advise you in your intervention. 

You can also contact us to validate a completed intervention  and get advice for the next time.