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Customized workshops

Who is this workshop for?

For any suicide prevention training needs not covered by our other training, we can develop a customized training program specific to your environment or community. These training projects can also include a training model for your training team, with coaching to enable you to offer the training on a more sustainable basis in your environment.

Duration: according to needs

Prerequisite: None

Possible variations

This training has been adapted for several clienteles. A discussion with a member of our training team will allow you to determine the most suitable variation for your team:

  • Postvention
  • Youth suicide prevention 
  • Loved ones
  • Crisis lines
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • Managers

Terms and conditions

  • The minimum number of participants is 6, and the maximum number varies according to the structure of the workshop. 


Our rates vary depending on the type of organization and the type of group.

Development costs :

  • Price : $200 to $250 / hour
  • Preferential price for community groups : $150 to $200 / hour

Customized workshop :

On-site group

  • Price : $260/hour
  • Preferential pricing for community groups : $180/hour

Videoconference group

  • Price : $215/hour
  • Preferential pricing for community groups : $135/hour

** material fees may apply in addition.

Rates are indicative and subject to change.