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Consulting services

Who is this service for?

We offer consulting services to meet your organization’s suicide prevention and training needs.

Among other things, we are able to consult as follows:

  • Review of suicide prevention and postvention strategies and plans
  • Expert advice on research projects 
  • Literature reviews
  • Clinical group supervision 
  • Co-constructed development

Duration: minimum of 3 hours

Prerequisite: None


The hourly rate for consulting services is variable, and depends on the nature of the services offered, and the preparation work required. The following princing is applicable, but may be subject to change according to the above-mentioned criteria.

  • Price : $200 to $250/hour
  • Preferential pricing for community groups : $150 to $200/hour

Consulting sessions and supervision meetings are a minimum of 3 hours.

Rates are indicative and subject to change.